Semalt: How To Block Pop-Ups In Chrome

If you spend lots of time on the internet, you are likely to come across annoying and odd advertisements in the form of pop-ups, banners ads, and auto-playing ads. Max Bell, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, explains that all these advertisements are virtually unavoidable, but it is possible to take action to dodge all of them.

Block the pop-up ads in Chrome using a browser plugin:

Though various ad blocking plugins can be used with Google Chrome, the best plugin is Adblock Plus. It works quietly in the background of your browser and does not let the ads annoy you. If you are using Firefox, you cannot use this plugin. However, some other similar plugins are available for Firefox users. You just need to download and install Adblock Plus and don't forget to activate it. The plugin will be integrated with your Chrome browser, preventing pop-ups from showing up for several days.

What is Adblock Plus?

As already mentioned, Adblock Plus is a plugin that can be integrated with your Google Chrome browser. Open it in your Chrome browser and visit the Chrome Web Store, followed by the Adblock Plus Extension page. Here, you will see a blue button in the right corner, saying Add to Chrome. You have to click that option, and the extension will be downloaded automatically. Once fully activated, you don't need to restart your windows or web browser as Adblock Plus will start running on its own. This extension will add a small red-colored sign in the right corner of your browser. At any time, it's possible for you to click on it and see the data about which ads have been blocked on your browsers. You can also unblock certain sites or entire pages and change the targeted ads from the Options section.

Adblock Plus cannot consume some content, depending on the sources and formats. If you come across this problem, you should click on the Stop button and uncheck the Enable this Website to turn all the ad-blocking systems off instantly. Alternatively, you can disable that from your ad blocker and refresher the pages that contain the content or articles you may want to check and read. If everything is done properly, you will continue reading the content normally.

You should remember that Adblock Plus doesn't ensure all pop-up ads will be blocked in your Google Chrome browser, but it catches most of them. There are some whitelist companies and brands that pay heavily to have their advertisements unaffected by the ad-blockers. Luckily, the companies pay rarely for such pop-up ads; it means you can switch off almost all ads from your sites and web browsers.

Alternative: Poper Blocker Pro:

Poper Blocker Proper is an alternative to Adblock Plus. It is an excellent tool, which isn't cheap. If you want a simple yet wonderful program that does not affect many pop-up ads and targets specific pop-ups only, we suggest you try Poper Ad Blocker. It ensures to give us quick notifications about whether to block a particular pop-up or not and lets you save a lot of time. Additionally, its notifications let us block or eliminate the pop-up ads we don't want to see in future.

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